Removal of content & significant revisions have been made to RE4's story and dialogue to please the gaming media & the social justice crowd.
The only crime here is how Alex Gibney & his "experts" lie, manipulate sources and distort the truth by purposeful deception. And seemingly none in theโ€ฆ
Chronic Pain Patients Fight Back! An interview with Activist Tamara Lynn Stewart Watch now (41 min) | How to effectively fight against the opioid prohibition
Cressidia Holmes, Canuckleheads Podcast (เน‘โšˆ โ€คฬซ โšˆเน‘)
Cressidia Holmes, Canuckleheads Podcast (เน‘โšˆ โ€คฬซ โšˆเน‘)
You win by unarmed truth and unconditional love. Not by whatever this is.
John Carmack responds to RE4VR concerns & Facebook submitted a statement to IGN. Changes galore. Plus other updates.
As Americans decide on their next path, we should not forget the plight of the disabled.
Author of Bad News: How Woke Media Is Undermining Democracy
No excuse for your actions and damage they have caused
Please check out my guest Appearance on the Saving Elephants Podcast, where we go through what the opioid prohibition is & why it seems nothing everโ€ฆ
Review of the latest awful entry in the MCU